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TRUE TRUST ID: 2 83 I 8 I-2 821 3 I-023 005 

L E S 




ContreGafpar de Collignyqui 
fuc Admiral de France, Fran¬ 
cois Briqnemault,8c Renauld 
| de Cauaignes. 


Par Michel Ioue,H'cnfcigne Ju Icfus. 

* 5 7 J- 

Aace perraiffion. 

1) CESTUI QUE TRUST: (pronounced seta kay) common term in New Zealand and 
Australia (Controlled by the Vatican under the Authority of the Pope). 

2) STRAWMAN: common term in United States of America or Canada 

The legal fiction is a construct on paper, an estate in trust. When you are in receipt of a 
bill, or a summons in court, it is always in capital letters, similar to tomb stones in grave 
yards. Capital letters signify death. They are writing to dead fiction. A legal fiction was 
created when someone informed the government that there was a new vessel in town, 
based upon your birth. 

These are legal fictions created/owned by the Government in which created it. We are 
considered a legal fiction, a concept expressed by a name or a symbol. The legal 
person has no consciousness, ENS LEGIS, a name/word written on paper. This traces 
back to 1666 in London, an Independent City State, just like the Vatican (Holy See) and 
Washington, DC (District of Columbia). 

The legal fiction is a construct on paper, an estate in trust. When you are in receipt of a 
bill, or a summons in court, it is always in capital letters, similar to tomb stones in grave 
yards. Capital letters signify death. They are writing to dead fiction. A legal fiction was 
created when someone informed the government that there was a new vessel in town, 
based upon your birth. 

The only way to reclaim your dead entity (strawman) that the Crown created, is to 
become the executor and then collapse the Cestui Que Vie trust and forgive yourself of 
your debts and then remove yourself from the admiralty law that holds you in custody. 

We have accepted the claim to accept the summons, yet ONLY the dead can be 
summoned. There is an obligation to accept any liability which has been created. We 
are operating in Admiralty. A not guilty plea or ANY plea admits jurisdiction. The 
strawman, aka legal fiction is always guilty. Barristers and solicitors make a living out of 
creating controversy. By creating a controversy you become liable for the case. 

Honour and Dishonour 

To remain in honour you have to accept a claim and settle (discharge) it. Then you add 
conditions, ie. 7 accept on proof of claim and proof of loss ”. This gives the liability back 
to them. The legal fiction is always guilty. Only in the High Court, can the real man or 
woman appear. Games are played on courts, hence the name ‘court’. It is a game with 
actors (acting on acts). It has to be treated as a game and just business. Court room 
dramas are misinformation. 

Connecting the dots of the Strawman 

The strawman, or the Cestui Cue Vie Trust, is the oldest commerce platform in the 
world. The Royal Crown of Britain instituted this structure through Parliament to 
substitute the rights of men and women, declaring them dead/lost at sea. The state, in 
this case, London, UK, essentially took custody of the people and their property and 
placed it into a trust; taking on the role of trustee, holding title of all said people and 
property. This is until a living man or woman comes back to reclaim those titles. 

This fundamental foundation is important to understand, as it is the anchor that 
underwrites commerce in the United States, and the world for that matter. The 
strawman system is the cornerstone of our economy, and the more one understands 
how it works, the more effective the approach in cashing in on the system that has 
used us to generate currency and profit. 

The US Debt Clock (Real-time economic status of the US National Debt) 

The US Debt Clock is a very important tool to be aware of. Why? Well, since we are all 
collateralized debt instruments, and the national debt is directly related to how currency 
and our money supply is supported. The debt portfolio that is represented by the 
national debt is directly related to the strawman account. Each strawman or Cestui Cue 
Vie trust is connected to the overall debt profile of the country. This provides a good 
point of reference in the calculation of the national balance sheet. 

Keep in mind, any debt created by the United States of America (the parent legal fiction 
of Great Britain) is income generated for the corporation. Each strawman account 
makes up a portion of the the overall trust. The more debt that is created, the more 
currency is created to support the legal fiction. This is the cornerstone of commerce to 
the federal corporation we call the USA. 

Supporting Information on the commerce platform: The Strawman Demystified 

Below, there are links to information describing the history of how commerce was 
created, and how the strawman was created. Understanding the breakdown of the 
history helps to learn the process in which the strawman platform was created globally, 
and how to use this information to your advantage to claim title to your property, and 
collapse the strawman. 

The History of How We Were Put Into the “Commerce Game” 

How We Were Put Into the "Commerce 
Game": A Report on History 

On April 5, 1933, then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, under 
Executive Order, issued April 5, 1933, declared: 

Step la. Understanding Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 - Existence of Life 

Step la. Understanding Cestui Que Vie Act 
1666 - Existence of Life 

Cestui Que Vie Act 1666. Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 Cestui Que Vie 
London 1666, during the black plague and great f... 

Cestui Que Vie Trusts - How to reclaim Dominium 

Cestui Que Vie Trusts - How to reclaim Dominium - David Icke's Official Forums 

Cestui Que Vie Trusts - How to reclaim 
Dominium - David Icke's Official Forums 

Cestui Que Vie Trusts - How to reclaim Dominium Lawful Rebellion 
/ Non Compliance / Sovereignty 

-Public vs. Private Account- 

This is probably the most important part of the entire strawman platform. Settling the 
Cestui Que Vie Trust is where you can collapse the strawman by offsetting the public 
account, and shift over to the private account. This is the balance sheet that every 
person in the strawman system (London, Australia, and the District of Columbia) has to 
account for all debts and liabilities assigned to their legal fiction. 

As we learned, once you are able to collapse the strawman, you then will be able to 
have a private account setup, allowing you to bypass the strawman forever, However, 
one must be careful on not spending the principle of federal reserve notes, which will 
add more debt to the strawman, starting the process all over again. 

Essentially, you will direct the US Treasury Department to offset your liabilities to close 
your public account, and then have them create your private account. Still in the 
process of identifying the total value of my strawman, so I can determine how many 
trust accounts I have on record. Once I find this out, I will share with the group. 

To Settle your Cestui Que Vie Trust 

TRUE TRUST ID: 283181-282131-023005 

Settle your Cestui Que Vie Trust Now 

Public & Private | Legal Title & Beneficial Title | Debit & 
Credit | Accounts Payable & Accounts... 

To truly understand the strawman trust in the USA, it's important to know the history of 
HJR (House Joint Resolution) 192, and the UCC (State Property), which essentially 
created the strawman in the US. HJR 192 was the legislation that was enacted by 
Congress and signed into law under FDR to remove the gold standard. This is also how 
the Federal Reserve Act was created, which was to control the money supply, 
essentially devaluing the currency to create debt service. This created the strawman, 
as each dollar generated is debt anchored by the legal fiction of the corporation. 

Something that is also worth mentioning, the UCC, or the Uniform Commercial Code, 
known as State Property was also created through HJR 192. This is important, as this 
is the legal structure that allows a given individual or corporate to engage in contracts. 
Without the UCC, the strawman in the United States could not be enforced, as an entity 
could not engage or enforce a contract. This is how rights and property of the individual 
is conveyed to the legal fiction. With filing UCC documents, you claim ownership over 
the property, which is your strawman. 

Meet Your Strawman / HJR 192 / Uniform Commercial Code (State Property) 

https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=vTHO-BZWa1M&t 

Meet Your Strawman / HJR 192 / 
Uniform Commercial Code (State 

Part 2 of 2 Links: 


Executive Order of 1933 HJR 192 

On April 5, 1933, then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, under 
Executive Order, issued April 5, 1933, declar... 

The birth certificate as we discussed is the foundation of the strawman account. Essentially, the 
bond is worth billions. The bond is being traded on the open stock market, and the overall value is 
based the debt accrued over time from social security, and other contracts allocated to your trust. 



Take Back Your Strawman - YOUR BIRTH 

When your birth certificate was monetized and converted into a 
UNITED STATES Government Bond shortly after your... 

One can actually redeem your birth certificate if the right forms are filed to claim 
ownership to the trust account linked to the strawman. This is a good primer on the 
redemption process of the birth certificate. 

Remember, the birth certificate has many accounts within the strawman associated with 
it. It may take time to determine how many trust accounts are linked to it, and the total 
worth of the account managed by the US Treasury. 

Redeem Your Birth Certificate 

Redeem Certificate of Birth 

since the U.S. went bankrupt in 1933, all new money has to be 
borrowed into existence. All states started issui... 

Below is something that many overlook. When it comes to the legal fiction of the 
strawman name, it's a good rule of thumb to claim the name of your strawman through 
the county and the state in which you call home. 

For instance, at the county level, you would file a fictitious business statement as a DBA 
filing, claiming ownership over the strawman. You want to make sure you claim the 
exact name in all CAPS like it appears on all government documentation. This will 
demonstrate you are trying to reclaim title to the trust; at least the business name the 
government created on your behalf. You can also go as far as registered the business 
as a trade name as well, so you control the trademark of your strawman. 

As for state filings, you would do the same thing, but would file with the state as an LLC 
(Articles of Organization), or a C/S Corp (Articles of Incorporation) in the name of the 
strawman in all CAPS as it appears on all government documentation. In lieu of the 
fictitious business statement (DBA), this will put on record you are reclaiming title to the 
trust as the business name. You can also file a state or federal trademark of your 
strawman. This will help control the legal fiction of your strawman. 

* Note: Remember, only a legal fiction can do business with a legal fiction. By 
registering another legal fiction in the name of the strawman, you inform the 
government, another legal fiction that you are claiming ownership of your strawman 

Claim the Name .before they do. 

Claim the Name before they do 

https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=9ljtAOioC8U 

TREASURY DIRECT: The Birth Certificate 

This is where we start to examine the strawman; " The Birth Certificate ", and how we are 
valued by the government and our economy. Although the birth certificate is potentially 
worth several billions altogether, the savings bond that was purchased by the U.S. 
Treasury department from the Department of Commerce at the time of your birth 
provides a good starting point. Below, you will be able to see the face value of the 
bond, and how to access the worth of the savings bond that was initially secured 
against your strawman. 

( "Birth " Certificates are issued to us by the Doc. just as ships are given "berth " 
Certificates at the Dock. It’s about commerce. We come from our mothers waters. Your 
mother has a birth canal just like a ship. The ship moves by the sea current just as we 
are able to move by the currency). 

As I demonstrated in our meeting, you can calculate how much each of your birth 
certificate savings bond is worth.The link below will get you to where you input your 
information from your birth certificate to see the current value and interest on your 
30/40-year savings bond held by the U.S. Treasury. 

This link is the savings bond calculator, allowing you to calculate your bonded birth 
certificate's interest and value. Under Series, you select E Bonds, Denomination should 
be $10,000, Bond Serial Number is the 6-digit red or black number on the lower left of 
your birth certificate (top left for certificate of birth), and the Issue Date is the date the 
certificate was filed with your state. 

Once you enter this information as instructed above, you will see the Final Maturity 
Date, which is typically 30-40 years after the Issue date, the Issue Price, Total 
Interest, and Value. This is what your bond is worth today. Now that you have this 

information, you need to register for a Treasury Direct Account to claim, convert, and 
redeem the bond to your bank account. 


To open an account at Treasury Direct, go to 

https://www.treasurvdirect.aov/indiv/mvaccount/mvaccount treasurvdirect.htm . You will 
select the Account Type Individual Account. You will need your social security number, 
date of birth, postal address, e-mail, phone, and your bank account info. Once you fill 
this out, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail from the Treasury Department with your 
account number to log in to your account. 

How to Open an Account at TreasuryDirect (Video) YwFMo&t 

This is the video I showed in how to open a Treasury Direct account. 

How to Open an Account at 
Treasury Direct contains more personal 
finance tips, talk, and knowledge. This is a short video 

Here are the instructions on converting the savings bonds using SmartExchange with 
your Federal Direct account. 

SMARTEXCHANGE: Converting your Savings Bonds: 

Below are the step by step instructions on converting your Savings Bonds within your 
Treasury Direct account, using SMARTEXCHANGE. 

1. Open a TreasuryDirect account, if you don't already have one. Simply complete our 
easy, online application to get started: http://www. open.htm 

2. Once your TreasuryDirect account is set up, log in, click Manage Direct, then select 
Establish a Conversion Linked Account from the Manage My Linked Accounts menu. 

3. After you review the information on theManageDirect »Establish a Conversion 
Account page, click Create Account if you wish to create a Conversion Linked Account. 

4. Click Manage Direct, then select How to Convert My Paper Bonds under the Manage 
My Conversions menu for complete instructions. 

This will begin the process of converting your bond so you can access your account 
linked to the Serial Number of your birth certificate. Once you have gone through this 
process, you will be able to redeem your savings bond to your bank account you 
registered with Federal Direct 

Check the status of your bonds: 

To check the status, click ManageDirect, then " View mv manifests " from within your 
conversion account. Choose the manifest you wish to view and click Select. 

The following updates may appear next to the bonds on the ManageDirect » Manifest 
Information page: 

In Progress - Processing in progress. 

Pending - Customer Service needs additional information and will contact you. 

Returned - Bond will be returned to you as ineligible for conversion. 

Not received - Treasury did not receive the bond listed on the manifest. You will be 

Canceled - Bond closed in previous transaction. For example, a replacement bond was 
issued after being reported lost, stolen, or destroyed. You will be contacted. 

Converted - Bond converted. Check your Current Holdings, Minor Linked Accounts, or 
Gift Box in My Converted Bonds Linked Account 

Once the bonds have been released to your conversion linked account and placed in 
Current Holdings you can schedule redemption of them. Any redemptions for 2017 will 
be reported to the IRS and the 1099-INT will be ready towards the end of January 2018. 

Below is an overview of how you redeem your savings bond, and other important info to 

Redeeming (Cashing) EE and E Savings Bonds e bonds eeredeem.h 


Redemption Tables redemptiontables.htm 

Treasury Securities That Have Stopped Earning Interest securities stoppedearningi 


This is all the info you need to cash in on your bonded birth certificate with Treasury 
Direct. However, this is one of several accounts linked to your strawman trust account. 
This however will get you started in the right direction. 

I will be sending more information on the strawman following this e-mail, as well as 
starting your own 770 account that we also discussed. 

Let me know if you have any questions. There is much more to come. 

P.S. I have attached a couple of documents that will help you understand the concept of 
the Power of Acceptance, which is key in settling your strawman account. I also 

included Beneficiary: Trustee status in court cases. This will demonstrate how to deal 
with the courts. Good information. 

My Cestui Que Vie Bond updated with additional links 

https://docs.aooale.eom/document/d/1 rTOel MVQIpGIGYihanUzEI7SaV8tmA1 !2fX5FkD 


Think to some dozen PDF's 

https://drive.aooale.eom/file/d/131 Nfx-FCd-ZGL8bxNDkHQ3D0LJaKbAPc/view?usp=sh 


Google Drive files 



Google Drive files 


Rl'E TRUST ID: 2 83 I 8 I-2 821 3 I-023 005 

<a href=" http://thelawdictionarv.ora/cestui-que-vie/ " title="CESTUI QUE VIE">CESTUI QUE 


If we send an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll (see: positive law/article 1330.htm ), as response to a 
summons or arrest warrant, then the judge who issues them has to think long and hard: 
“Am I willing to gamble that the man who walks into my court might call me on my role 
of trustee and expose the fraud that the CQV Trusts are still in place? 

Canons of Positive Law: positive law/article oooo.htm 

This knowledge is your power. — Frank O’Collins 

History of Trusts 

The 1st Trust of the world 

Unam Sanctam is one of the most frightening documents of history and the one most 
quoted as the primary document of the popes claiming their global power. It is an 
express trust deed. The last line reads: “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we 
define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject 
to the Roman Pontiff.” It is not only the first trust deed in history but also the largest 
trust ever conceived, as it claims the whole planet and everything on it, conveyed in 

Triple Crown of Ba’al, aka the Papal Tiara and Triregnum 

In 1302 Pope Boniface issued his infamous Papal Bull Unam Sanctam—the first 
Express Trust. He claimed control over the whole planet which made him “King of the 
world”. In celebration, he commissioned a gold-plated headdress in the shape of a 

pinecone, with an elaborate crown at its base. The pinecone is an ancient symbol of 
fertility and one traditionally associated with Ba’al as well as the Cult of Cybele. It also 
represents the pineal gland in the centre of our brains—crystalline in nature— which 
allows us access to Source, hence, the 13-foot tall pinecone in Vatican Square. Think 
about why the Pontiffs would idolize a pinecone. See: Pharmacratic Inquisition: 

The 1st Crown of Crown Land 

Pope Boniface VIII was the first leader in history to create the concept of a Trust, but the 
first Testamentary Trust, through a deed and will creating a Deceased Estate, was 
created by Pope Nicholas V in 1455, through the Papal Bull Romanus Pontifex. This is 
only one of three (3) papal bulls to include the line with the incipit “For a perpetual 
remembrance.” This Bull had the effect of conveying the right of use of the land as Real 
Property, from the Express Trust Unam Sanctam, to the control of the Pontiff and his 
successors in perpetuity. Hence, all land is claimed as “crown land”. This 1st Crown is 
represented by the 1st Cestui Que Vie Trust, created when a child is born. It deprives us 
of all beneficial entitlements and rights on the land. 

The 2nd Crown of the Commonwealth 

The second Crown was created in 1481 with the papal bull Aeterni Regis, meaning 
“Eternal Crown”, by Sixtus IV, being only the 2nd of three papal bulls as deeds of 
testamentary trusts. 

This Papal Bull created the “Crown of Aragon”, later known as the Crown of Spain, and 
is the highest sovereign and highest steward of all Roman Slaves subject to the rule of 
the Roman Pontiff. Spain lost the crown in 1604 when it was granted to King James I of 
England by Pope Paul V after the successful passage of the “Union of Crowns”, or 
Commonwealth, in 1605 after the false flag operation of the Gunpowder Plot. The Crown 
was finally lost by England in 1975, when it was returned to Spain and King Carlos I, 
where it remains to this day. This 2nd Crown is represented by the 2nd cestui Que Vie 
Trust, created when a child is born and, by the sale of the birth certificate as a Bond to 
the private central bank of the nation, depriving us of ownership of our flesh and 
condemning us to perpetual servitude, as a Roman person, or slave. 

The 3rd Crown of the Ecclesiastical See 

The third Crown was created in 1537 by Paul III, through the papal bull Convocation, 
also meant to open the Council of Trent. It is the third and final testamentary deed and 
will of a testamentary trust, set up for the claiming of all “lost souls”, lost to the See. The 
Venetians assisted in the creation of the 1st Cestui Que Vie Act of 1540, to use this papal 
bull as the basis of Ecclesiastical authority of Henry VIII. This Crown was secretly 
granted to England in the collection and “reaping” of lost souls. The Crown was lost in 
1816, due to the deliberate bankruptcy of England, and granted to the Temple Bar which 
became known as the Crown Bar, or simply the Crown. The Bar Associations have since 
been responsible for administering the “reaping” of the souls of the lost and damned, 
including the registration and collection of Baptismal certificates representing the souls 
collected by the Vatican and stored in its vaults. 

This 3rd Crown is represented by the 3rd Cestui Que Vie Trust, created when a child is 
baptized. It is the parents’ grant of the Baptismal certificate—title to the soul—to the 
church or Registrar. Thus, without legal title over one’s own soul, we will be denied legal 
standing and will be treated as things—cargo without souls—upon which the BAR is 
now legally able to enforce Maritime law. 

The Cestui Que Vie Trust 

A Cestui Que Vie Trust is a fictional concept. It is a Temporary Testamentary Trust, first 
created during the reign of Henry VIII of England through the Cestui Que Vie Act of 
1540 and updated by Charles II, through the CQV Act of 1666, wherein an Estate may be 
effected for the Benefit of a Person presumed lost or abandoned at “sea” and therefore 
assumed “dead” after seven (7) years. Additional presumptions, by which such a Trust 
may be formed, were added in later statutes to include bankrupts, minors, 
incompetents, mortgages, and private companies. The original purpose of a CQV Trust 
was to form a temporary Estate for the benefit of another because some event, state of 
affairs, or condition prevented them from claiming their status as living, competent, and 
present, before a competent authority. Therefore, any claims, history, statutes, or 
arguments that deviate in terms of the origin and function of a CQV Trust, as 
pronounced by these canons, is false and automatically null and void. 

A Beneficiary under Estate may be either a Beneficiary or a CQV Trust. When a 
Beneficiary loses direct benefit of any Property of the higher Estate placed in a CQV 
Trust on his behalf, he do not “own” the CQV Trust; he is only the beneficiary of what 
the Trustees of the CQV Trust choose to provide. As all CQV Trusts are created on 
presumption, based upon original purpose and function, such a Trust cannot be created 
if these presumptions can be proven not to exist. 

Since 1933, when a child is borne in a State (Estate) under inferior Roman law, three (3) 
Cestui Que (Vie) Trusts are created upon certain presumptions specifically designed to 
deny, forever, the child any rights of Real Property, any Rights to be free, and any Rights 
to be known as man or woman, rather than a creature or animal, by claiming and 
possessing their Soul or Spirit. 

The Executors or Administrators of the higher Estate willingly and knowingly: 

1. convey the beneficial entitlements of the child, as Beneficiary, into the 1st Cestui Que 
(Vie) Trust in the form of a Registry Number by registering the Name, thereby also 
creating the Corporate Person and denying the child any rights to Real Property; and, 

2. claim the baby as chattel to the Estate. The slave baby contract is then created by 
honoring the ancient tradition of either having the ink impression of the baby’s feet onto 
the live birth record, or a drop of its blood, as well as tricking the parents to signing the 
baby away through the deceitful legal meanings on the live birth record which is a 
promissory note, converted into a slave bond, sold to the private reserve bank of the 
estate, and then conveyed into a 2nd and separate CQV Trust, per child, owned by the 
bank. When the promissory note reaches maturity and the bank is unable to “seize” the 
slave child, a maritime lien is lawfully issued to “salvage” the lost property and is 
monetized as currency issued in series against the CQV Trust. 

3. claim the child’s soul via the Baptismal Certificate. Since 1540 and the creation of the 
1st CQV Act, deriving its power from the Papal Bull of Roman Cult leader Pope Paul III, 
1540, when a child is baptized and a Baptismal Certificate is issued, the parents have 
gifted, granted, and conveyed the soul of the baby to a “3rd” CQV Trust owned by 
Roman Cult, which has held this valuable property in its vaults ever since. Since 1815, 
this 3rd Crown of the Roman Cult and 3rd CQV Trust representing Ecclesiastical 

Property has been managed by the BAR as the reconstituted “Galla” responsible, as 
Grim Reapers, for reaping the souls. 

Each Cestui Que Vie Trust, created since 1933, represents one of the 3 Crowns 
representing the three claims of property of the Roman Cult: Real Property (on Earth), 
Personal Property (body), and Ecclesiastical Property (soul). Each corresponds exactly 
to the three forms of law available to the Galla of the BAR Courts: corporate commercial 
law (judge is the ‘landlord’), maritime and canon law (judge is the banker), and 
Talmudic law (judge is the priest). 

What is the real power of a court ‘judge’? 

Given what has been revealed about the foundations of Roman Law, what is the real 
hidden power of a judge when we face court? Is it their superior knowledge of process 
and procedure or of magic? Or is it something simpler and far more obvious? 

It is unfortunate that much of the excitement about Estates and Executors has 
deliberately not revealed that an Estate, by definition, has to belong to a Trust—to be 
specific, a Testamentary Trust or CQV Trust. When we receive legal paper or have to 
appear in court, it is these same CQV Trusts which have our rights converted into the 
property contained within them. Instead of being the Trustee, or the Executor, or 
Administrator, we are merely the Beneficiary of each CQV Trust, granted only beneficial 
and equitable use of certain property, never legal title. So if the Roman Legal System 
assumes we are merely the beneficiary of these CQV Trusts, when we go to court, who 
represents the Trustee and Office of Executor? We all know that all cases are based upon 
the judge’s discretion which often defies procedures, statutes, and maxims of law. Well, 
they are doing what any Trustee or Executor, administering a trust in the presence of the 
beneficiary, can do under Roman Law and all the statutes, maxims, and procedures are 
really for show because under the principles of Trust Law, as first formed by the Roman 
Cult, a Trustee has a wide latitude, including the ability to correct any procedural 
mistakes, by obtaining the implied or tacit consent of the beneficiary, to obviate any 
mistakes. The judge is the real and legal Name. The judge is the trust, itself. We are the 
mirror image to them—the ghost—the dead. It is high sorcery, trickery, and subterfuge 
that has remained “legal” for far too long. Spread the word. 

Conference call about the ‘name’ with Vic: ■■7i220io/Pav-it-forward-ConfCallc>7-i2-20io.mp3 

Frank O’Collins: 3 QQ 04 /TS- 422 Q 34 .mp 3 

Money & Justice (p.s. You are already dead!): 

Court case i 2 -cv- 030 QQ/pdf/USCOURTS-tn 

wd-2 12-CV-0300Q-0.pdf 


ode/1 up/search/cestui+aue+vie 

Pactum De Mutuo Dando 






TRUSTID:2831 8 1 282 1 3 1 0 

2 3 0 0 5 

Formula for Determining Settlement 

Certificate of Annexures 

Affidavit of Life 

Proof Of Receipt 

TRUE TRUST ID: 2 83 I 8 I-2 821 3 1 -023 005 

Lee Common 


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Creative Movement in Sovereign Wealth 




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